Stigma Model Auction 2017!

It was a hot summer day in July, and Team Friendly once again held it’s Stigma Model Auction.  Models walked around with stigmatizing words written on them, such as “DDF UB2” or “Clean”, etc.  People bid to wash away the stigma.  We had 12 great models, and thanks to the generosity of many great people, we had our most successful event ever, raising over $2500!!   You can check out pictures of the event below!

Stigma Model Auction


The event is to bring awareness to words that only add to the stigma of HIV. You will get the chance to bid on your favorite model and wash the words away. Each model will represent a different word.
Diseased Free
Neg4neg only
$10 All-You-Can-Drink Beer Bust
Beerbust / Cookout starts @ 4pm
Model Auction start@ 5pm